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Chapter 63
Houston,  TX

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Difficult child. The short life of her daughter Whitney Houston

July 26, died Bobbi Kristina brown, the only daughter of singers Whitney Houston and Bobby brown. Her parents were one of the most commercially successful and the most scandalous couples of the modern show business. It is not surprising that the name of Christina had appeared in the tabloids, and her whole life was a succession of noisy stories. However, no one could think that the "star child" I will exit so early: the girl was only 22 years old.

Scandalous parents

Bobbi Kristina Brown. Died the daughter of Whitney Houston? Whitney Houston and Bobby brown married in 1992. Even then, the musician had a disagreement with the law and three children from different women. It seemed that Whitney will be all different, because they were perfect for each other. But, alas, to create a happy big family of them and failed. The famous singer had several miscarriages, only one day Whitney was the mother of: March 4, 1993 she gave birth to a beautiful daughter Bobbi Kristina brown.
However, with the birth of a child in the star family has not become calmer. Bobby and then had problems with the law, Marina Almayeva School of Classical Ballet, Kolleyvill including fights, drunk driving and even sexual harassment. When baby was 10 years old, around its parent star began the rumors about this drug. And in 2003, after reports that Bobby punched his wife during an altercation, her father was arrested.

After a long history of scandals, adultery, drug and alcohol abuse, arrests and family problems, Houston filed the divorce papers. 14-year-old Christina was left to live with his mother. At first a grief-the father wanted to split custody of the child, but at the appointed time to the court and did not show up. The representative of the law had nothing to do but to cancel the appeal Bobby, especially since by this time he was left without a lawyer: the lawyers refused to work with the controversial musician.

Familiar Whitney in one voice told that Christine went to Papa's character: the girl and her mother did not get along, and generally was a difficult child. Already at age 14 she got an attitude and refused to live with her mother. She moved to her friend, wanting to become independent.
Such changes in the star's family was the perfect excuse for bad articles in the tabloid press. The Newspapers wrote that Whitney is a tyrant, she was wailing daughter and was never a good mother. And one of the former Boyfriends of the girls shared with us information about publications that Christina, like her mother, from a young age, had problems with alcohol and drugs. The guy said that all parties, wherever they went, the girl was becoming uncontrollable, and all the troubles accused Whitney, who always gave her daughter a bad example.

Greater Houston Chapter 63

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